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For your security and peace-of-mind, all transactions are processed using 128+ bit SSL technology by DigiCert. :: Help and Contact Zone

Help and Contact Zone

Terms & Conditions


By placing an order to or sending to (or receiving from) us something of value you automatically agree to be bound by the terms and conditions described in this Agreement.

All transactions involving world paper money, banknotes, coins and cash, also other collectibles and us ( / A. Tomonis) on one side and you or another person or company on the other side are bound by the following terms and conditions. (We reserve the right to update these terms without prior notice given).

Please note that all charges to your Credit/Debit/ATM/Business Card will appear as "A TOMONIS" as employee or similar.

Attention! We are "Fraud Smart". All orders paid with credit/debit cards (Visa, MC etc.) will go through numerous security and anti-fraud checks such as AVS, identity verification, signature verification, shipping and billing address verification, email address and phone verification, and if necessary (many overseas orders) - manual authorization, verification of your references and other data, therefore please expect to receive an email before your order gets processed if you live in a developing or an underdeveloped country or a country with a high fraud risk. Even if you live in a developed country and/or a country with a good safe record against credit card fraud, your data might still be checked at maximum levels, if your order seems to be for a large amount, shipping charges higher than the order amount, ordering current notes (exchangeable money, currency) and in an urgent, rush manner and many other reasons. This is all done in order to protect your credit/debit card account from fraud as well as to protect ourselves from fraudulent orders and payments and against fraudulent chargebacks (unfair payment reversals). We reserve a right to not process your order until we receive all data requested from you and/or until we receive your payment by some other means than a credit/debit/check card (if payment receipt via Visa/MC/AMEX etc. seems to us too risky).

Your order will be shipped to you within 1 to 6 business days (except Saturdays, Sundays, business trips and holidays). After you place your order to us we will confirm it via email right after shipping it to you. In some cases it may take longer than 1 to 6 days to ship your order in case when we are overloaded with orders or when and if there are other technical issues. All orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible, at our earliest convenience.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please note you will have to pick the shipment up at your local post office unless the local post office decides to deliver to your door and find you at your residence, work or business location. Otherwise please expect a mail delivery notice left in your post box. Look out for it. Please pick it up promptly as many post offices only hold registered mail for up to a week and then return it to the sender if it is not picked up within 6-7 days!

For your order to ship without delay, you must provide the billing address and a postal code or a ZIP code that your credit card statement is mailed to. We will not ship to a different address unless we have a faxed signature and can verify the "ship-to" address by phone. If you are placing a high value order that will be shipping to an address other than your billing address, you should make sure your credit card company has validated the alternate shipping address. We reserve the right to refuse to ship to a different address than the credit card statement mailing address.

Please note that all charges to your Credit / Debit / ATM / Business Card will appear as "A TOMONIS" as employee or similar.

Please always PROOF-READ your order and your payment details before you finally submit it to us.

IMPORTANT: When placing your order, it is imperative that you provide a correct and complete shipping address for your recipient. We cannot be responsible for packages that are returned or misdelivered due to incorrect or incomplete address information provided by you, the Customer. In the event that a package is returned as undeliverable, the package will be held with us until you provide us with the correct(ed) address. An additional charge will apply if the package must be re-shipped to the recipient with corrected address information. An additional charge will apply if the package must be re-shipped to the recipient if the recipient was unavailable to sign for the shipment or even if your local post office misdelivered or never delivered the notice.

If you wish to find out how long it takes for mail to reach a recipient (for your order to reach you) please contact your local post office or visit an appropriate mail carrier / courier web site, or visit our HELP section.

Please allow more time for mail delivery delays, customs delays, holidays and so on and your patience is truly appreciated.

Please note that REGISTERED AIR MAIL (and even the EMS - Express Mail) may in some cases take a couple weeks to up to TWO (2) months to arrive to abroad and overseas destinations. That may involve ISC and Customs processing delays. It usually takes much less time, but accordingly to USPS, Postal Authorities and International Postal Convention laws a registered mail sender can only make a request to search for a delayed registered mail AFTER (not earlier) it's been 2 months (60 days) after the mail was sent. Please be patient in case of delay and try not to load me with extra unnecessary inquiries if it's been less than 60 days since your Registered letter (package) was shipped out to you. If you wish to receive your order fast, then please rather choose a speed courier delivery such as FedEx, UPS, etc. Your patience is truly appreciated.

If selecting a speed courier such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL etc. then please provide us with your PHONE NUMBER and your STREET ADDRESS! These speed couriers do not deliver to PO Boxes, FPOs and APOs. Also please indicate in your account whether your address is a business or a residential location (for UPS/FEDEX deliveries).

If you would like to SAVE on your order and on shipping charges, but rather lose a bit on convenience and a speedy processing of your order, then instead of paying us with a credit card choose to pay with a Money Order, Cheque, Cash etc. Please note, your order might qualify for a discount if you are paying with other than a credit card or Paypal. More info on ways of payment is located at the following link: . Info on how much you can save by paying with a check / cheque, money order, cash etc. is located at the following page: .

Important Disclaimer: All shipments of all kinds of valuables, be that a general or a registered mail shipment, are being sent at a buyer's risk unless a buyer asks for their shipment to be insured (or during checkout selects a shipping method with insurance). This rule applies to all transactions, be them orders from our pricelist, personal trade, exchange, purchase or sale. nor its employees and owners will not be held responsible for stolen cash if you have insisted receiving a cash payment instead of a much safer cheque, bank wire or any other way of payment except cash or banknotes. (Note: sending cash via Western Union is usually very safe). Cash can not be insured, therefore please avoid insisting on receiving or sending cash payments as much as possible, unless you are going to take a full risk on yourself in case of loss or theft of the cash. This rule applies to all transactions involving any kind of merchandise be them inside or outside of the limits of this web site. International indemnity (insurance) for Registered Air Mail is limited to about US$45 (may vary from country to country and may change, so check with the postal authorities). In case of a loss of a package/letter (in case if a shipment was insured for a full amount - then a full amount of the order or will reship the goods once the postal investigation is over) we will refund an amount of money, which we will receive from a Postal Institution after the claim is processed and claim amount has arrived into my account. In some cases we will refund your money before we get paid for the postal claim, but after the postal investigation is over., its employees and owners will not be held responsible for any delays that any mail carrier / courier institution or company makes. All proof of shipment and claim documents will be supplied to you, the buyer. I will do all my best to make sure that contents of every package/letter is safe and intact when handing it to a mail carrier / courier institution/company employee. In case if contents of a package / letter gets damaged we will replace damaged value (will estimate ourselves) only if the shipment was ordered to be delivered as insured and only if after viewing the damaged package you notified your post office supervisor right away and immediately at the postal counter, without leaving the post office and supplying proof of damage as a document to us. You will also have to supply me with original packaging to show how it was damaged as well as all the damaged items. In any case of damage, loss or theft of contents of your order shipment please notify your postmaster immediately without leaving a post office building. If you receive a package or letter which looks suspicious, best is to not touch or open it, but let the Postmaster carefully open it in front of you.

IMAGES: Notice about the images of the banknotes you are purchasing: while images of some especially of the old, rare and unique banknotes may be actual, many or most images and photos are only made for illustration purposes. The serial number and/or the signatures, the dates, and the overall condition of the note you receive may be different than the one you see on the image displayed anywhere on

RETURNS: Seven days return guarantee. Returned items must be mailed to us immediately or up to 7 days after receiving them in an ORIGINAL condition, holder and packaging. If a return is caused by a customer avoiding duties in their own country and therefore refusing to accept the package a refund will not be issued and their order will be reshipped after we receive an appropriate amount for reshipping fees and Customs charges to the customer. You have to make sure that returned items are well and safely packed and will not get damaged on the way. All open sides of a plastic holder that holds banknotes in it must be sealed well in order to avoid a slip-out and damage of the banknote(s). All returned items must be returned in the original packaging and securely sealed in the same way as they were received by you. All returned items if received in a damaged or in a lesser than sold condition will not be refunded and will be sent back to the sender. We will refund your money of a returned merchandise (less shipping & handling costs) (restocking and electronic commerce fees may apply (if you have paid with a credit card or Paypal)) upon receipt of items in the same condition as they were shipped. You can choose a refund as a payment or as a credit towards your next order. Please note: you are responsible to pay import tax and duty in your own country and shipments that are refused for a purpose of to not pay import duties/taxes will be considered as delivered to a customer and will be re-shipped to the customer again only after an appropriate payment received to cover the the re-shipping and even Customs cost. All refused, rejected, unclaimed shipments will be charged shipping and handling if need to be refunded. We will re-ship it to the customer after we receive an amount that is enough to pay the reshipment charges to the customer.

To ship to a Different Address: Our credit card processing service only approves orders going to the billing address or to the "alternate shipping address" registered with your credit card company. If your alternate address is not yet established, simply call the bank phone number on the back of your card and tell them to add the other address. Then when you check out, in the "Customer Notes" field/window, enter that shipping address and the recipient's phone number, as well as that same bank telephone number from the back of the card.

All the items are in Uncirculated (UNC) high quality condition unless stated otherwise. All prices are in US dollars unless (additionally) noted otherwise. All banknotes that are sold on this website ( are sold only as collectibles for collecting (and investing) purpose and not as currency or money for spending or currency manipulation or speculation purposes. Although you may spend some of the banknotes if you choose to do so or use them as you may see fit for your needs.


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For security of your credit or debit card data and for your peace-of-mind, all transactions on Banknotes.comTM Store are processed using 128/256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption technology. As an extra precaution, all customer credit card data is frequently removed from our secure online store.

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