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All the banknotes in this sub-category are uncirculated (UNC) and genuine real bank notes (not reproductions) unless otherwise noted about their condition and genuinity.

French Afars & Issas

Djibouti 1000 Francs (1946) SPECIMEN UNC
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Djibouti 1000 Francs (1946) SPECIMEN UNC
Product Code: DJ-20s

French Somaliland 1000 Francs (1946) Banque de L'Indochine, Côte Française des Somalis (Woman holding a jug. Signatures: Emile Minost (Le Président); Jean Laurent (Le Directeur Général)) (Serial # O.000/000000000) Specimen. Rare. UNC

Our price: €950.00 ($ 1121.00)

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